Lucky winner: Indian expat Vinaykumar Gandhi with his wife in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi : Throughout the month of October, Big Ticket’s weekly e-draw has been giving customers the chance to walk away with 1kg of 24 carat gold every week. Indian expat Vinaykumar Gandhi living in Abu Dhabi was the final lucky winner to take home the gold prize during the last weekly e-draw of the month.

Gandhi who works as an account manager has been a resident of UAE for the past 42 years. Gandhi has been purchasing tickets with a group of friends and colleagues for the past several years and was visibly thrilled to finally receive the winning phone call.

He said that he will continue continue trying his luck in the hope to one day walk with the grand prize. He encouraged everyone to purchase raffle tickets irrespective that they don’t win. He urged them not to give up and wished they would all be winners one day.