The façade of the pavilion is made up of 600 colourful blocks Image Credit: Supplied

India’s preparation for Expo 2020 has moved into top gear with less than 45 days remaining for the grand inauguration on October 1, 2021. The four-storeyed India pavilion’s handover is expected to be done by the first week of September 2021.

The Government of India has recently launched the official logo and the website for India pavilion.

The logo design showcases the chakra (wheel), reflecting the progressive pace at which India is growing. The logo colours have been taken from the Indian flag, where saffron symbolises strength and courage; white indicates peace and truth; and green represents fertility, growth, and auspiciousness.

The pavilion’s website (Indiaexpo2020.com) provides an easy-to-access interface and features states, themes, sectors, events and the corporates participating in the India pavilion.

“India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage. We have carefully crafted information with interest and experience with entertainment and emotions for our visitors at India pavilion,” says Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to the UAE.

The India pavilion is conceptualised to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of India’s independence. The façade, which is made up of 600 colourful blocks capable of kinetic movements, symbolises the theme of “India on the move”.

The four-storeyed structure is divided into two parts. The zones are identified based on 11 primary themes — Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban and Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, Golden Jubilee, Knowledge and Learning, Travel and Connectivity, Global Goals, Health and Wellness, Food Agriculture and Livelihoods and Water.

Dr Aman Puri, Deputy Commissioner General for India at Expo 2020 Dubai, says, “The World Expo is a global opportunity to collaborate for the post-pandemic economic revival. India is ready to showcase its business, technological, cultural, art, and leadership strength to the world at this mega event and promote the Make in India, Digital India and the Start-Up India campaigns.”

The corporate partners for India pavilion at Dubai Expo 202 include Adani Group, ITC Limited, Hinduja Group, HUL, LuLu Group International, Apollo Hospitals, HSBC, Sun Group, Aster, Conares, Daawat, Baidyanath, Kef Holdings, Allana, Malabar Gold, and Diamonds, Petrochem and Sri Sri Tattva.

India pavilion will also be hosting and co-creating leadership discussions, international trade conferences, and seminars to explore opportunities to partner with other participating nations.

At the India pavilion, the visitors will also get the chance to witness star-studded nights, multiple cultural shows, celebrations of Indian festivals and relish Indian delicacies. ■