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Beware of fraudsters using your credit cards Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Fraudulent transactions on credit card

  • Three unauthorised transactions of more than Dh6,000.
  • It will take 120 days for the bank to investigate the issue.
  • Bank has resolved the issue of fraud transactions to the customer’s satisfaction.

I have been subject to a fraud on my credit card from Dubai First. It shows three transactions of Dh2,099.75 each on June 30, that is Dh6,299.25. I received the SMS on my mobile on July 1 at 3.30 in early morning. On contacting the customer care of the bank they state the transaction is from ETC IVR 142, Abu Dhabi and the Dubai First bank has nothing to do as it is from a merchant to me. They have nothing to do with the money and I have to pay the money due to them.

Now I contacted etisalat, but they cannot tell me about the transaction as they need the etisalat account number on which the transaction has been done and they cannot find out from my Dubai First card details and date of transaction.

Reader is waiting for bank to return his money for unauthorised transaction

I have submitted a transaction dispute form to the bank on July 1 but they say it will take 120 days to investigate and I will have to pay Dh6,299.25 much before the result of investigation. Now how do I recover this money? Can you help me?

From Mr Hillol Basu
Abu Dhabi

The management of Dubai First responds: At Dubai First, we are committed to providing the best of service to our card members and protect their interests. Mr Hillol Basu has reached out to us a few days ago reporting unauthorised use of his card. We have registered the complaint and have initiated investigation. We will be contacting Mr Basu as per timelines once we complete the investigation.

Reverse charges against account management fee

Dubai First updates: We thank you for the follow up. The investigation of the unauthorised use of Mr Basu’s credit card has been completed and the case has been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr Basu responds: I am happy to inform you that Dubai First has returned the money back to my card. Thank you for your help and intervention.

(Process initiation: July 9. Response from organisation: July 12. Reader confirmation: September 13.)

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