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Ajman skyline Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Ajman: The Community Support Centre of Ajman Police this week came to the aid of a 58-year-old Indian businessman who had fallen upon hard times.

The man fell into financial difficulties and became paralysed after suffering a stroke following the stress of his circumstances, after his debtors filed cases against him to the police.

Captain Wafa Khalil Al Housani, director of the Social centre, told Gulf News that the police received a call from Khalifa Hospital about the condition of the man, who had spent three months in bed, with no one coming to visit him.

Based on the instructions of Major General Shaikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of Ajman Police, officers immediately took steps to support the man and help him overcome his difficulties.

A police investigation revealed that the man used to be rich but lost his wealth when a travel ban was placed on him due to several financial cases that had been filed against him.

The businessman had been staying in the UAE for 35 years and managed a number of businesses in the country, however he fell into a debt trap and lost all his life savings.

The stress of this ordeal led to poor health. When he started facing financial issues he sent his family back home and tried to solve the debts, said Captain Al Houssani.

She said that the centre studied the case and found out that the man had lost his passport and identification.

“We contacted the Indian Association in Ajman and the Indian Consulate and arranged an outpass for him.”

Captain Al Houssani said that police contacted all his debtors and briefed them about the man’s situation.

Finally they agreed to reduce the amount, which was paid by the centre with the help of charity associations in Ajman.

All cases were dropped and the man was issued an airline ticket to return to India, where his family were able to receive him.

The man was taken to the door of the plane by Ajman police to ensure he received care during the flight.

Police also provided him with money for him to use on his return to India.

Once he reached India, Police contacted his family to make sure he arrived safely.