Dubai flag day dash cam
Dubai Police was called for assistance to help a UAE man raise the flag on top of his house on November 3, 2019. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: As the UAE celebrated Flag Day on Sunday, one Emirati resident in Dubai didn’t want to feel left out and ended up calling the police for help.

Schools, ministries, government bodies and institutions celebrated UAE Flag Day on November 3, and raised the UAE flag in honour of the day at 11am.

Dubai Police have released CCTV footage that was recorded from a patrol’s dash-cam, revealing how they came to the assistance of a resident.

In the video, you can first hear the voice of a frail man — greeting Dubai Police officers on the other end of the line, and requesting for help to raise the UAE flag on his roof.

In less than one hour, at 12.05pm, a police patrol pulls up to the house where they are then greeted by an elderly man walking with a single crutch.

As the camera zooms out, viewers can see how one police officer stood guard while the other entered the resident’s house, reached the rooftop and successfully hanged the UAE flag.

But before leaving the premises, both police officers gave a salute to the UAE flag while showing their love and dedication towards the nation and its visionary leadership.