Dr. Mona is interacting with the patient and checking on her health conditions-1626068068747
Dr. Mona interacts with Hind and checking on her health conditions after the delivery. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: It was nothing short of a miracle when this young Sudanese expatriate couple — Mohammed Hamza and Hind Abddelfattah Abdelquoom- became the proud parents of a bonny baby boy on June 6, this year, at the Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah.

Obesity and diabetes posed a challenge

Married for seven years, Hind, 33, weighing 130kg, had suffered about five miscarriages in five years. She had been diagnosed with diabetes and hypo plastic uterus. Dr Mona Saad, Specialist Gynaecologist and Obstetrics at the hospital who assisted the patient throughout the pregnancy, told Gulf News, “A Hypo plastic uterus makes it very challenging for the uterus to distend as the baby grows. In the case of Hind, the moment she crossed the first trimester, she would suffer a miscarriage. We had to be very careful and manage her pregnancy by providing a medicine protocol to relax her uterus and prevent any early contractions. By the time she had crossed 24 weeks, she was doing very well and the baby was born full term, weighing 3kg.”

Thrilled to be a mother, the couple who could not stop smiling through the tears of joy, recounted the challenging journey of the pregnancy. Hamza told Gulf News, “All thanks and praises to Allah, we had to fight hard with destiny. Hind had become pregnant five times in the last five years. However, every time, she suffered a miscarriage in the fourth or fifth month.”

Determined to be a mother at all costs

Hind added, “You cannot imagine the pain and trauma I had undergone in the last five years. Mohammed was also very depressed. My heart becomes heavy even now when I think about our lost babies. Every time I became pregnant, both of us were overjoyed. However, the happiness never lasted for more than a few months. I would suffer a miscarriage. Not once or twice. We lost five babies in the last five years. Can you imagine the pain it caused us? I cannot express how much it hurt.”

Mohammed and Hint with baby Youssef at Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah-1626068073362
Mohammed and Hind with baby Youssef at Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah. Image Credit: Supplied

The couple, over the years, had consulted several doctors within and outside the UAE for a solution. Though they tried several medications and treatments including, cervical cerclage (tightening of the cervix), nothing yielded the desired results. Their dream to have a child seemed distant and impossible.

An uncomplicated delivery against all odds

When they finally came to Dr Saad, planning the sixth pregnancy, they were seeking someone who would understand their situation. “I narrated my entire story to Dr Saad. She was very positive and caring. She motivated me and made me feel relaxed,” said Hind.

The doctor then advised a customised treatment plan. Hind followed the instructions religiously, and eventually, her health improved. “She became pregnant, and we took utmost care of the child and the mother. By God’s grace, all went well. There were not many complications. Finally, Hind gave birth to a baby boy through a caesarean,” said Dr Saad.

It has been over a month since the delivery. Both the mother and child, whom the parents have named Youssef Abddelfattah Abdelquoom Mohammed, are healthy and doing well.