Fakih IVF was the first to introduce the EmbryoScope in the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Up close & Personal with Fakih IVF Fertility Center

A doctrine of patient-centered care, coupled with the latest technologies and treatments, delivering high success rates

Being the first clinic to offer private IVF treatment in Dubai since 2011, Fakih IVF, established under the leadership of Dr. Michael Fakih, is currently the leading infertility, gynecology, obstetrics, and genetics center in the GCC. Projecting a 65 % regional market share, the center has a 65% success rate for women under the age of 35.

Mrs. Wafa El Ali, General Manager at Fakih IVF said, “An infertility clinic draws its reputation from its success rates. What distinguishes us from others is our achievements and our quest for innovation. We are continuously improving our medical protocols and practices to ensure the best in reproductive healthcare reflects.”

The staff at the center is constantly working to ensure optimal patient care round the clock. “Customer service is very important at Fakih IVF, the entire patient journey is extremely personal, and we ensure to make each patient feel that they are special,” Wafa said.

With dedicated doctors and nurses, Fakih IVF ensures the availability of specialists through flexible appointments and direct communication. “We always make sure that there is a human touch throughout the treatment process. Couples come to us with only one objective - having a child, and starting a family. Whenever there is hope, our mission is to ensure to go above & beyond our duties to do everything we can to make their dream of parenthood become a reality,” she added.

Through genetic screening for chromosomal abnormalities and hereditary diseases, Fakih IVF has been able to mitigate genetic anomalies to deliver safer pregnancies.

Fakih IVF was also the first to introduce the EmbryoScope in the UAE, an incubator that allows sterile examination for developing embryos without exposure or stress from the external environment and facilitating a healthier embryo upon implantation. In addition to IVF-ICSI, IUI, male infertility treatments (including MicroTESE, TESA - Testicular Sperm Aspiration), and genetic testing services, the clinic also offers fertility preservation - the freezing of eggs and sperm.

Retrieval and implantation of younger, healthier cells increases the chances of successful pregnancy in older couples who choose to delay pregnancy. Fertility preservation is also recommended for cancer patients who wish to have children upon completion of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

With clinics in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Western Region in the UAE, and in Muscat Oman, the Group is also expanding its services to the rest of the GCC next year, helping bring IVF treatment and the joy of parenthood to more families.