Abu Dhabi: A Federal Health Authority (FHA) has been established to help accredit over 14 public hospitals across Dubai and the Northern Emirates under the UAE Ministry of Health (MoH).

The FHA headquarters will be in Sharjah. But FHA plans to open offices in more locations across the UAE and internationally, announced Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Health, at a press conference on Sunday.

"The FHA will supervise and establish new hospitals across the UAE as well as handle the operational side of things across public hospitals and primary health care centres in Dubai and the Northern Emirates," Dr Hassan told Gulf News on the sidelines of the meeting.

A board of directors under the Minister of Health has been selected to run the new authority with the mission of coordinating with local health authorities, universities, colleges, and international hospitals to help develop a more professional and successful medical system across the UAE with a rationally allocated budget.

Treating epidemics

Other than monitoring medical services across hospitals, the new authority under federal law No 13 of 2009 will keep in touch with medical needs among UAE nationals and residents, to help treat an epidemic and/or a medical condition in a timely manner.

The new body will encourage follow-up, monitoring, transparency and openness in the health care industry and at the workplace.

"The FHA has been established to manage day to day regulations across the Northern Emirates and Dubai on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Licensing and approving the inauguration of a new hospital for instance is a major responsibility. Health awareness campaigns also requires a dedicated team like the FHA," Dr Hassan told Gulf News.