Abu Dhabi: All UAE nationals in Abu Dhabi are now required to take a free-of-charge medical examination, known as Weqaya, before registering for the Health Insurance Scheme known as Thiqa.

The Thiqa card is managed by the National Health Insurance Company DAMAN, assigned as a third-party administrator through its new Thiqa Programme, an exclusive company that offers nationals free medical services and care in hospitals, medical centres and public/private clinics tied up with DAMAN.

The announcement was made on Monday at a press conference held by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) in collaboration with the DAMAN and the Abu Dhabi Company for Health Services (SEHA).

The Periodic Medical Examination (PME) and Health Insurance Scheme (HIS) for nationals will start from this month. All nationals in Abu Dhabi are expected to enroll by the end of the year.

The scheme will also be applicable to Abu Dhabi nationals working outside the country.

"Around one-and-a-half million expatriates enrolled for health-insurance programmes provided by more than 40 authorized insurance companies, of which one million are enrolled in Daman's programme, and that is the proof that the previous Health Insurance Law phases were a true success story and noteworthy achievement," said Dr Ahmad Al Mazrouie, Chairman, HAAD, Abu Dhabi.

HAAD is currently implementing an inspection plan that will ensure the right execution of the scheme with the aim of establishing an advanced health system that meets international standards, encourages competition between both the public and private sectors, provides nationals with broad and extensive options for better health care and appropriate treatment for every member.

When Gulf News asked Al Mazrouie what they plan to do if a patient is diagnosed as negative during a medical examination for conditions such as hepatitis C (active), he confirmed that all nationals will be given full medical care regardless of the cost involved.

Negative results do not affect the national's eligibility for a Thiqa card.

"Our work at HAAD is not only limited to the supervision and implementation of the scheme, but we will also collect all the reports done on the basis of the periodic medical examinations to pinpoint the terminal diseases affecting our population so we can launch awareness campaigns accordingly and minimise the occurrence of these diseases," he said.

All nationals should visit SEHA's primary healthcare facilities to undergo the PME by qualified nurses before registering for a Thiqa card.

The medical examination consists of measuring height, weight, blood pressure, as well as blood testing for diabetes, high cholesterol and other diseases.

Al Mazrouie and the team involved foresee a transparent insurance scheme, which will aid in further medical development.

"The health-insurance scheme applied for expatriates over the last two years was a huge step forward and has elevated Abu Dhabi to the highest ranks of the international health standards."

Some of SEHA's primary healthcare facilities and available medical checkup dates: Khalifa City A starting April 27th; Bain Al Jesrain starting May 4th; Al Bateen starting May 11th; Al Khabisi starting May 18th; Al Khaleej and Daman Clinic in Al Ain starting May 25th.

General information

  • The Thiqa card is valid for one year from the inception date and must be renewed on expiry.
  • The health insurance scheme includes all nationals and their families.
  • There geographical coverage entails both healthcare and treatment services in the UAE and abroad.
  • Nationals will bear no cost for either the medical examination or obtaining the Thiqa Card.
  • The Thiqa card can be found at any of SEHA's primary healthcare facilities or in any of Damans branches in the emirate.