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While expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life, it’s also one that puts intense pressure on her physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Modern antenatal and birth care is light years away from previous generations of course, when all too often either the mother or her new baby’s life was at risk. Yet even now the precious nine months of gestation needs to be the period of close scrutiny and full medical support.

Dr Ali Al Ibrahim, Consultant Maternal Fetal Medicine

That’s why a far-reaching approach to maternal fetal medicine is so important when it comes to managing any health conditions or complications of the mother or the fetus – before, during, and after the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, the way many patients and even physicians look at fetal medicine experts is that they are glorified sonographers, says Dr Ali Al Ibrahim, Consultant in Maternal Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics Gynaecology at Medcare Hospital Sharjah.

“They only expect an examination and a report that says the baby is normal or the baby is abnormal,” he says.

“However, real fetal maternal medicine goes beyond the simple ultrasound and diagnostics. We first look at the mother and then we look at the fetus because there are two patients here.”

Medcare Hospital Sharjah's team of experts

Understanding the importance of this type of care, Medcare Hospital Sharjah has decided to roll out something new and unique in the emirate — an Advanced Maternal Fetal Medicine Programme which will take a truly holistic approach to pregnancy.

Dr Fayez Nasrallah, another leading Consultant in Maternal Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics Gynaecology at Medcare Hospital Sharjah, believes this programme will be invaluable in looking after mothers with complex pregnancy issues and various medical, surgical, and obstetrical disorders.

“We will manage the patient all through the pregnancy in combination with other fields of medicine like neurology, cardiology, nephrology, and others to reach the best outcome,” he explains.

Dr Fayez Khaled Nasrallah, Consultant Maternal Fetal Medicine

Medcare Hospital Sharjah is already known for its holistic approach, treating the entire person rather than just one symptom or issue. Now this pioneering new programme will take things to another level by fully personalising its care for each pregnant patient to ensure their total health and wellness. ■