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Maayan Stiglitz, Clinical Dietitian, Easyline, at Arab Health 2022 in Dubai on Tuesday Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: Patients suffering from serious conditions such as cancer, trauma or those who are in coma, often are unable to take in quality nutrition. However, Easyline, an Israeli company at Arab Health 2022 in Dubai, is showcasing its full range of enteral nutrition that takes into account the micro and macro nutrition needs of the old, seriously injured and comatose invalids in hospitals.

Talking about the variety of preparations, Mayaan Stiglitz, a clinical nutritionist with the organisation, said: “Nutraceuticals are medicinally and nutritionally functional foods that provide medical or health benefits. Our preparations are given to provide nutritional support to cancer patients or those suffering from serious health issues who are unable to support their nutritional needs.”

Stiglitz added: “Our preparations in the form of powders and liquids can be administered to patients. They contain balanced nutrition while some are formulated with special nutritional needs of patients in mind.”

Easyline seeks to introduce its line of nutraceutical foods in UAE also.