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Maytha in the paediatric ward of Al Twam hospital in Al Ain. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: A three-year-old girl, who was locked inside her parents’ car for about four hours, has recovered from her severe condition, thanks to doctors at Al Twam hospital in Al Ain.

The Emirati girl Maytha, was brought to hospital on August 16, in coma due to dehydration, suffocation and high brain pressure after she was trapped for four hours inside her parents’ car while they were on family visit.

Doctor Nedhal Al Hashaika, head of Pediatric intensive care at Al Twam Hospital, said that Maytha was in deep coma when she arrived but she woke up a few days later.

“She was suffering severe complications and was in a coma. We worked quickly to heal her and save her life. After 48 hours, she passed the critical point and her health improved,” said Dr Al Hashaika.

Maytha left the intensive care unit on August 24 and still recovering on a pediatric ward.

Al Twam hospital said in a statement that a team of doctors from different departments worked to rescue Maytha.

“She was close to death when she arrived in hospital but latest treatment technologies and efficient doctors helped rescue her after she suffered dehydration and different complications,” Dr Al Hashaikh added.

Meanwhile, Maytha’s grandfather said that she was with her family on a family visit when she was accidently left behind in a locked car.

He said that her father found her unconcious after four hours, after which she was immediately transferred to the emergency department of Al Twam hospital.

The girl’s grandfather has warned other parents to look after their children and not leave the responsibility to maids.

How to Prevent Child Deaths in Hot Cars:

- Keep your purse or mobile phone at the back seat so you will automatically see if there are children in the car when you reach for your belongings.

- Make sure to “look before you lock” whenever getting out of the car.

- Keep cars locked when not in use so kids don’t get in on their own. Kids should be taught that cars are not play areas.

- When your child goes missing, check these three areas first: pool, car, and the trunk.

- For children found locked in hot cars, call police or rescuers immediately. If the child is still conscious, spray him/her with cold water. Turn on the AC to the highest degree. Administer first aid by putting ice packs under the child’s armpits and on the neck to cool him/her down quickly. If the child is unconscious, while taking the aforementioned steps call an ambulance and if trained, start regular CPR.