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Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Monday suspended the licence of a female Emirati doctor following a furore on social media over the veracity of her medical degrees.

Many Arab twitterati raised doubts about the institute from which she had obtained her degrees saying the university was not included in the list of institutions recognised by the health ministry.

The doctor at the centre of this controversy, M.L.H, describes herself as a general physician. She is a proprietor of a cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai and has a diverse list of activities associated with her, including as a United Nations Ambassador for stem cells research in the UAE, the first Arab-American to participate in the Texas beauty pageant 2018 and a popular personality in leading social and professional circles of the country. But when she made public her medical degree from the Central American Health Institute in Belize, it triggered a fierce debate on social media with the Arab twiterrati questioning the authenticity of her medical degrees. Some academicians pointed out that the university was not on the list of recognised institutes on the Ministry of Higher Education.

Following the social media uproar, her degrees came under scrutiny by the DHA’s department of health regulation which suspended her professional license.

In a statement, DHA has said that the licence of the doctor would remain suspended until validation of its source by the Ministry of Education.