The donation was conducted at a private event at DFWAC’s headquarters, in the presence of Dr Amina Hussain Bin Hammad and Nora Mohamed Elsheikh. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a unique gesture, women victims of domestic violence and other women and girls seeking shelter at the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) were gifted free sanitary napkins. This gesture of care was made by Seema Gupta, a Dubai-based entrepreneur of Orgabliss, an organic sanitary napkin producing company based in Dubai. DFWAC is a non-profit shelter for victims of domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking.

The donation was conducted at a private event at DFWAC’s headquarters last month, in the presence of Dr Amina Hussain Bin Hammad, the Programmes and Community Awareness manager at DFWAC, and Nora Mohamed Elsheikh, DFWAC’s Donations executive.

Gift bags featuring an array of menstrual hygiene products were accepted by DFWAC representatives for them to be distributed to women and young girls sheltered at the organisation.

The initiative was appreciated by DFWAC representatives who thanked Gupta for her generous donation and commended her commitment towards improving the lives of disadvantaged women.

‘Survivors of abuse and violence’

Gupta said: “Sanitary products are essential items that play a key role in the overall wellbeing and health of women. I believe these products should be accessible to all women irrespective of their economic or social status, especially survivors of abuse and violence, whose resilience knows no bound.”

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She added: “DFWAC’s tireless work to rescue, protect and rehabilitate survivors of abuse is inspiring and this donation is just our modest attempt to aid those efforts as well as celebrate the courage of their residents.”

She said she hoped using these products would help kickstart a dialogue on menstrual hygiene and reproductive health amongst all stakeholders and help women feel valued and empowered.