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Patient Tabarak Hussain with Dr Vikas Bhagat at Aster Hospital in Mankhool, Dubai. Image Credit: supplied

Dubai: Timely surgical intervention by a Dubai Hospital has saved the life of a Pakistani expatriate who had suffered a heart attack and a brain stroke. For 77 days, he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital, where around-the-clock care and mechanical ventilation helped stabilise his condition. The patient will be air-lifted to his home town in Pakistan in the evening today, after being weaned off ventilation.

While insurance could cover only part of the nearly Dh500,000 bill, Aster Volunteers, the CSR wing of the Aster Healthcare group, took care of the major chunk of expenses. The cost of air-lifting is being borne by the worker's company.

A carotid artery blockage

Tabarak Hussain, 54, a carpenter, was fortunate to reach Aster Hospital, Mankhool, in time on December 14 after he experienced a severe headache and dizziness. An EEG and a brain scan were conducted immediately at the hospital. A cerebral angiography indicated that Hussain had a carotid artery blockage (thrombus). He was lucky to still have his brain circulation intact.

Septic shock

Hussain underwent a carotid artery stenting, along with two stents that had already been placed in his heart earlier. However, two days after the procedure, the patient developed a fever and had to be given antibiotics. Since he was unable to breathe independently, a tracheostomy was carried out on December 22 and he was put on anti-fungal medication to counter the septic shock.

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Patient Tabarak Hussain with Dr Vikas Bhagat and the medical team at Aster Hospital in Mankhool, Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Luckily, around-the-clock supervision under Dr Vikas Bhagat, the ICU in-charge, and his team pulled the patient out of a life-threatening health crisis. In the next few weeks, when he showed signs of improvement,he was weaned off the mechanical ventilation and oxygen support.

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Continued care for the next few weeks helped him stabilise and breathe on his own. Dr Bhagat told Gulf News: “Poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise and unhealthy food lead to high cholesterol and heart and carotid artery blockages. Unfortunately, the patient had both carotid and heart blockages and suffered a heart attack and a stroke together. However, with good medical care for more than three months, the patient has recovered. He can breathe independently. He suffered a left side paralytic stroke, which can improve with good nutrition and physiotherapy. With proper care he will be able to regain most of the movements on the left side of his body.” Dr Bhagat added: “Hussain will be airlifted to Pakistan at 5.30pm on Wednesday.”