Pharmaceutical workers wear face masks to serve customers in a pharmacy in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, March 15, 2020.
Pharmaceutical workers at a pharmacy. Photo of illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Aster DM Healthcare has recently launched a microsite called ‘Our New Earth’, aimed at supporting individuals to function constructively as they try to make sense of the ‘new normal’ way of living, amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The auxiliary website ( provides a “platform with verified content that will guide those looking for information on how to navigate life to ensure we can live better and thrive with this new reality of life,” the company said in a statement.

Alisha Moopen, deputy managing director of Aster DM Healthcare, said: “As people across the world continue to face daily challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that we make our own wellbeing the number one priority on our task list.”

Alisha Moopen

“Daily routines have been turned upside down and we are being fed information constantly from many different sources – the news, our friends, social media, our employers. This can be overwhelming and that is why we decided to bring important content and advice that has been verified by healthcare professionals all under one roof, making it simple for people to digest and get the information they need to function positively in the world we are now living in,” she explained.

Moopen added the website “offers friendly guidance and top tips for defined roles on things like personal and mental hygiene; ways to cope with working from home or transitioning back to spending time in the office; how to create a balance between a child’s schoolwork and running a household, as well as useful books to read and diet and nutrition advice.

The microsite also offers advisory on the safe functioning of four sectors in the region which cannot operate without employees being on-site: Manufacturing, Retail, Construction and Services.