COVID-19 survivor in UAE
Elie Yaqoub Jabra with his children. Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: Among the residents who was cured of coronavirus, COVID-19, is Elie Yaqoub Jabra, who affirmed that the precautionary measures taken by the UAE and its awareness campaigns about the virus, its symptoms and methods of prevention helped him recover.

"The psychological factor is very important in dealing with someone with strength and self-confidence, as well as faith in Allah Almighty’s omnipotence," said Jabra, who has lived in the UAE with his family since 2005 and works as a sales representative for a detergent company.

All these factors had a key role in easing his trauma, "with determination, patience and satisfaction in Allah’s judgment". His wife also supported him and enabled him to cope, and he is athletic and healthy and does not suffer from any chronic diseases.

"Living in the UAE, I was confident and certain that things would get better and I would be able to overcome this ordeal. This is what happened because the country’s healthcare system is unmatched by any other country. Medical teams, nurses and administrative staff dealt with me professionally and with distinction, which gave me comfort and reassurance," he said.

About his infection and recovery, Jabra explained that at the end of March, he experienced high fever, so he was admitted to hospital where he was examined in an isolated room and told the medical and nursing team about his symptoms. A nasal swab was taken to reveal the novel coronavirus, and the doctor prescribed him antipyretic drugs and asked him to isolate himself at home until the result of the test.

Jabra added that the next day, his temperature returned to normal and he felt no pain except for losing his sense of smell and taste. He remained in this condition for several days until he received a call from health authorities telling him that he tested positive and must be hospitalised. An ambulance then took him to hospital.

Jabra stated that the medical care he received in hospital cannot be described, and he was then given instructions to exercise, learn deep breathing techniques, and given medication to treat a lung inflammation he was suffering from. He stayed in the hospital for eight days, and after his condition stabilised and he no longer felt any symptoms, he was transferred to a hotel in Al Ain for two weeks for further testing. He then returned home where he was asked to isolate himself for an additional week, and he recovered completely and returned to normalcy.

"Praise be to Allah Almighty that no one who has been in contact with me, whether my wife, my children or my co-workers, got infected. They all had the necessary tests that came back negative, due to the precautionary measures followed by myself and those around me, who wore face masks and gloves that prevented transmission," Jabra further said.

Jabra thanked the leadership for assisting the country’s residents and its concern for the safety and health of both citizens and residents while calling on Allah Almighty to ensure the country’s security and safety and sustain the health and wellness of its leadership and people. He also stressed that the country has exerted significant efforts to protect the society from coronavirus.

Jabra noted that he was not worried during his illness and was not in any pain, except for the pain of being separated from his children, while advising all members of society to adhere to the government’s directives, follow precautions and guidelines, and wear masks and gloves, to ensure their safety and the safety of others.