K.K. Shailaja and Dr Azad Moopen among the other participants at the virtual inauguration of the AKCAF Wellness Programme on Friday. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The AKCAF Wellness Programme was launched on Friday, February 19, in association with Aster DM Healthcare’s Aster Volunteers programme. The virtual event conducted through video conferencing was attended by more than 500 patrons and was inaugurated by K.K. Shailaja, the Minister of Health in the Indian state of Kerala.

The wellness programme was a memorial tribute to Ahmed Ashraf, a senior and active member of All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum (AKCAF) who passed away recently. AKCAF is the parent organisation of more than 200 Kerala colleges alumni living in the UAE. The various programmes implemented for the health and wellness of AKCAF members and their families were explained during the meeting on Friday.

Dr Azad Moopen, founder chairman and managing director of Aster DM Healthcare, Shahul Hameed, AKCAF chairman and on behalf of Ashraf Thamarassery, brand ambassador for AKCAF Wellness Programme and social welfare volunteer, and Adv. Hashiq, the AKCAF vice-president, also spoke on the occasion. Mithun Ramesh, AKCAF events ambassador and popular anchor and filmstar, appreciated AKCAF’s humanitarian activities. He initiated a fitness challenge with AKCAF general secretary V.S. Biju Kumar. Charles Paul, the AKCAF president, said: “This is the first health-care campaign for the AKCAF family and it is a pious act.”

Talking about the campaign, Dr Moopen said: “The All Kerala Colleges Alumni Forum is one of the largest and strongest network alumni of Kerala colleges in the UAE with over 65,000 members. Aster is privileged to associate with AKCAF on the new Wellness Programme being launched to fulfil the shared vision to proactively promote prevention, good health and wellness among members of the community.”

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On behalf of the media, Raju Mathew, MCA Nazar and Jaleel Pattambi attended the programme. Sharjah Indian Association president E.P. Johnson highlighted past humanitarian initiatives undertaken by AKCAF and promised all the support for the current event. Vidya Puthusseri, the general secretary of AKCAF women’s wing, detailed the COVID-19 vaccine distribution campaign of Dubai Health Authority that has been joined by AKCAF volunteers.