Noor Dubai Foundation concluded its mobile eye camp in Bangladesh by treating 6,100 patients who are suffering from visual impairment in Rajshahi, Bangladesh from May 3 to 9. Image Credit: Courtesy: Noor Dubai

Dubai: Noor Dubai Foundation concluded its mobile eye camp in Rajshahi, 242km away from capital Dhaka in Bangladesh, during which 6,100 patients who were suffering from visual impairment received treatment.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation which has benefited more than 27 million individuals since its inception in 2008. Its aim is to provide treatment for preventable forms of blindness, prevent the spread of diseases that cause blindness, and educate the public about the causes of blindness and how to avoid them.

During the fourth edition of the camp which took place between May 3 and 9, the foundation conducted 646 surgeries and distributed 1,923 eyeglasses through generous donations from the family of the late Abdul Salam Al Rafi.

Since the launch of the foundation’s outreach programme in 2008, over 257,338 individuals have been screened, 25,954 surgeries carried out and 60,111 glasses distributed to those living in remote areas with minimal access to primary health care facilities.

Dr Manal Taryam, CEO and Board member of Noor Dubai Foundation, said the camp succeeded in treating patients at Makkah Hospital in Rajshahi, where the main cause of visual impairment among adults is cataract.

She added that cataract, which is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision can be easily reversed with the right treatment.

“Through receiving treatment, patients are able to go back to their daily lives and carry on their jobs and social responsibilities, leading to an improved economic and social conditions for those receiving treatment,” said Dr Taryam.

She also stressed Noor Dubai Foundation’s keenness to provide its diagnostic and treatment services to fight blindness in Bangladesh as out of its 166 million population, 800,000 suffer from visual impairment. Of these 800,000, 40,000 are children who are below the age of 15.

Dr Taryam commended the family of the late Abdul Salam Rafi for making the camp a success and supporting the goals of Noor Dubai Foundation of preventing the spread of diseases that cause blindness across the world.

Mohammad Al Rafi, the son of Abdul Salam Al Rafi, said his family is pleased that the donation they have made in the memory of their father has benefited more 6,100 people in need.

“Giving to those in need is a tradition that has been instilled in us by our late father as far back as I can remember and is actively encouraged by the leadership of our aspiring nation and blessed country. My family’s heartfelt gratitude goes to Noor Dubai Foundation and the UAE government for their engagement in piloting such remarkable initiatives for noble causes possible. Today, I am grateful that we have positively impacted the life of hundreds of people who will hopefully go on to positively impact hundreds more,” he said.

Dr Taryam revealed that Noor Dubai is currently preparing its extensive visual impairment prevention programme in Northern Nigeria in Katsina. The four-year programme includes health screening to identify the spread of visual impairment and the upgrading of hospitals so that they have specialised eye clinics that are capable of providing surgical, treatment and diagnostic services in the area.