Abu Dhabi: Ahmad was only eight when his parents discovered a small pimple on his lower lip. Five years later he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour the size of a grapefruit, which required immediate surgery with a 15 per cent risk of death.

The tumour started in his lower lip, and spread to his lower jaw - a rare and complex hereditary condition that required a maxillofacial surgery (free flap surgery).

It took three surgeons and ten medical specialists from Shaikh Khalifa Medical City and an 18-hour surgery to remove a 400-gramme tumour, the entire lip and jaw, including his lower teeth.

After surgery Ahmad developed an infection.

"Before surgery Ahmad's body enzymes and vitamins were low due to lack of nutrition. He wasn't eating well due to his condition. Malnutrition causes an infection that can cause death. But he's a very brave boy and fought his way through," the cancer surgeon said.

Ahmad is now cancer free.