Dubai: The World Government Summit launched the World Data Visualisation Prize, which explores new approaches to promote government work and enhance decision-making processes. Organised in cooperation with the data visualisation website and studio “Information is Beautiful”, the prize seeks to harness the potential of big data through aesthetic manifestations with the goal of supporting world governments in serving their citizens. Contestants will develop novel designs of presenting data and numbers from various fields such as infrastructure, energy, well-being, and policy.

Amal Bin Shabib, Deputy Managing Director at World Government Summit Organisation, stressed that future governments need innovative solutions and tools to manage and utilise information and big data. This endeavour represents a main pillar in government efforts to design proactive solutions to potential challenges, and a step towards making informed decisions that contribute to societal development and prosperity.

Amal further added that the prize is a robust addition to the initiatives of the World Government Summit, which came in recognition of the vital role of data in building the future. She said that the prize offers world leaders, officials and change-makers the opportunity to benefit from data through sharing and transferring it in creative ways to skilled parties who are capable of employing it in developing governmental work.

The prize allows participants to design data in areas common to all governments. They are expected to provide visuals featuring data related to environment, employment, technology, agriculture and happiness, while focusing on supporting the decision-making process of governments. This would ultimately boost the well-being of societies and promote innovation in designing sustainable development solutions.