First woman Emirati physician in obstetrics and gynaecology

Dr Zainab Abdullah Kazim, 80, began her career in 1964 and has delivered more than 18,000 babies.

“She studied medicine in India, after her father requested her on his death bed to become a gynaecologist, because back then there wasn’t any medical care for women delivering babies and so there was a high death rate and birth complication,” her son, Saleh Al Shimar, said on her behalf because of her poor health.

Dr Zainab then moved to work with her husband, who opened the first private clinic in Dubai, Al Shimar Clinic. Dr Zainab still works at the clinic.


Youngest Emirati inventor

Fatima Al Kaabi, 14, started at the age of seven and hasn’t stopped creating new things.

“I have 10 inventions in different fields that aim to help humanity and the environment. I started at the age of seven out of curiosity. My first invention was a robot that takes pictures. Some of my other inventions include a solar bag, which can be used to charge phones and a Braille printer,” she said.

Fatima said the award is an honour, which will push her to move forward.

“I dream of following the footsteps of my idol Minister Reem Al Hashemi,” said the teen who is currently working in the area of sustainable energy and another on limiting the use of phones while driving.


First Emirati sign language specialist/translator

Abeer Rashid Al Shahi spoke to His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in sign language when she went on stage to accept her award.

“I told Shaikh Mohammad in sign language that I strive to be in the first place just like you.”

“I studied special needs education and decided to learn sign language to communicate better with people with disabilities. When I got deeper in my studies I saw the many challenges they face and the big capabilities and potential they have if given an opportunity to excel.”

Abeer called on more Emiratis to enter this field to help people with disabilities fulfil their potential.

“I am very honoured to receive this award. I dedicate my win to my family, Shaikh Mohammad and all the leaders of the UAE,” she said.


The first Emirati innovator of an electronic system that helps in early detection of lung cancer

Dr Fatima Taher, who works as an assistant professor at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Khalifa University, developed this diagnosis system in 2014.

“It was my PhD dissertation topic. I chose this subject because I wanted to have an impact on humanity. My electronic system takes pictures of the lungs and analyses it. I am very happy to win this award. I dedicate it to Shaikh Mohammad and the UAE leaders,” she said.

Her technique has helped in the early diagnosis of lung cancer in a cost-effective way and without causing any risk to the person concerned. The system has been designed to be used in hospitals and diagnostic centres.


The first Emirati female prosecutor

Alia Al Kaabi started her career as a prosecutor in 2007 and currently heads Family Prosecution in Abu Dhabi.

“I am also the first female chief prosecutor and judicial member. It is an honour for me to receive this award. Everyone should have the ambition to excel in their field. Shaikh Mohammad pushes us to be in the first place, and that is what I call on people to achieve,” she said.

Alia is a model for women empowerment in the law sector. She studied Law and Sharia in UAE University.


The first commander of a women’s military school

Lieutenant Colonel Afra Saeed Al Falasi is an excellent example for Emirati women who have graduated from the first military course at Khawla Bint Al Azwar Military School where she is also the principal.

“I am honoured to receive this award, it is a positive incentive to work hard and continue giving,” she said.

Colonel Afra has received many awards in honour of her efforts, such as the anniversary of the silver jubilee of the unification of the armed forces medals, good service medal, and others. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology from UAE University in Al Ain.