Abu Dhabi: An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation expressed satisfaction with the outcomes of the meeting held on Tuesday between the UAE and Iranian coast guards in Tehran.

Salem Mohammed Al Zaabi, Director of the International Security Cooperation Department at the ministry, said the meeting was held as part of a series of the regular meetings of the joint UAE-Iran Committee, which was formed to discuss routine maritime security issues, including fishermen’s transcending into each other’s territorial waters.

He welcomed the results of the meeting, whose agenda was confined to fishermen’s affairs and fishing tools owned by them. Al Zaabi highlighted the importance of such meetings in the shadow of practical requirements concerning the maritime borders between the two countries.

The meeting also sought to solve the issues of the detained fishermen who violated fishing rules, as well as combat smuggling. It comes in line with the UAE’s keenness on the affairs of its citizens, including fishermen.

The technical and routine meeting was the sixth in a series of maritime security talks. The last meeting took place three months ago.