People cross a bridge under heavy snow fall in Moscow Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The UAE Embassy in Moscow has issued a warning urging Emiratis to take extra caution after an extreme blizzard threatened to hit Russia with severe cold, biting winds and low visibility.

In the event of an emergency, Emiratis living or visiting Moscow are advised to contact the UAE Embassy immediately on +7 495 234 4060, and warned citizens over the blizzard.

The event dumped into the city on Sunday night more than half of its monthly average of 19mm of snow.

Moscow authorities said record snowfalls such as the current blizzard occur once in about 100 years, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

Current temperatures in the central region are barely above 0 degrees Celsius, which left residents almost unable to walk through the snow-covered streets. 

Meteorologists in Moscow expect the blizzard to continue on Monday, which will be followed by freezing temperatures and clear weather.