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A mosque illuminated by lights in Sharjah, UAE. There are 700 Quran memorisation sessions being held in mosques across the emirate during the holy month of Ramadan. Image Credit: Mohammad Ali/Gulf News reader

Sharjah: The Sharjah Department of Islamic Affairs has announced that 700 Quran memorisation sessions are being held in mosques across the emirate during the holy month, drawing an attendance of 29,000 learners spanning various age categories.

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Memorisation sessions

Driven by a devotion to the Quran, these participants diligently undertake the task of memorising and studying the Quran alongside mastering the rules of Tajweed.

The department collaborates with the Sharjah Quran and Sunnah Foundation and the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

In addition to the memorisation sessions, the department has designated 20 mosques throughout Sharjah for Quran recitation correction sessions.

This allows participants to refine their pronunciation and recitation techniques.

Quran interpretation sessions

Furthermore, 10 mosques have been designated for Quranic interpretation sessions.

Led by skilled imams specialising in Quranic sciences, these sessions aim to clarify the meaning of the verses, explaining their rulings, nuances, and divine directives.

Electronic Quran reading sessions

Moreover, the department conducts “Electronic Quran Reading” sessions via the Zoom platform, offering virtual lessons to the public on correcting recitations easily.

The department strives to expand these sessions to other areas of the emirate.

Mosque imams affiliated with the department are tasked with conducting memorisation sessions for all segments of society, furthering the accessibility of Quranic education.