Abu Dhabi: The UAE Army has done an exceptional job in Yemen as part of Operation Restoring Hope, 33-year-old Majid Al Ketbi, brother of martyr Ali Khamis Saleem Al Ketbi, said.

Ali Khamis Saleem Al Ketbi, 29, from Al Ain, was laid to rest on October 8, after he sacrificed his life in Yemen for his country as part of Operation Restoring Hope.

“We are fortunate to be part of a country that continues to thrive [and grow] at such a rapid pace. And one that meets challenges with valour,” Majid added.

Majid believes that not only is the UAE home to a brave army, it also supports neighbouring countries all the time. “The UAE has proved to the world that it is a country that supports others during their moments of success, and extends a generous hand to those in need,” he said.

Talking of Ali’s sacrifice, Majid said that he is extremely proud of his martyred brother and misses him every second, minute and day. He thinks of him all the time, he said.

“Not one day has gone by without remembering him. He was my alter ego and my source of joy. We knew each other’s every secret. We were always together, we were inseparable. Through our ups and downs, we were there for each other,” he said.

Commenting on Commemoration Day, November 30, Majid said it will not only be a day for Emiratis to remember, but also for UAE residents.

“I strongly believe that anyone who resides here, whether a citizen or an expat, takes pride in being a part of a country that continues to instil the spirit of patriotism and ethics in all its generations.

“November 30 is a day to commemorate the honourable sacrifices of all martyrs, who are also like my brothers. That’s what sets us apart from other countries, the fact that we are all united and feel like we are brothers and sisters,” he added.

Majid also expressed his gratitude towards the UAE’s leaders, whose gestures of kindness and compassion have enabled all martyrs’ families to come to terms with their loss sooner.

“We are privileged to have leaders who deeply love and care about their people. We never need to look back or worry about anything because we know our leaders will always back us,” he added.