200406 dubai airport
Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The government of Dubai announced late Sunday that Dubai Airports would start welcoming tourists and visitors starting on July 7. This would be contingent on the flight schedule from their departure destination.

Given the pandemic conditions, there are additional rules to be followed by all those entering or leaving through the airports.

For residents

Visa and insurance

As expected, all tourists should get the appropriate entry permit and also have medical travel insurance before heading to Dubai. Tourists will also be required to register details on the COVID-19 DXB App.

Should I take a PCR test?

If you are a tourist intending to travel to Dubai, authorities have asked for a PCR test result certificate for test taken up to 4 days (maximum 96 hours) before date of travel. However, authorities added that in case a tourist did not have this result, a PCR test would be administered in Dubai at the airport along with the usual thermal screening and scan for COVID-19 symptoms.

In case you have a negative certificate, but display COVID-19 symptoms, the test can be repeated in Dubai.  

Health declaration, costs form

Tourists will have to sign a health declaration form before boarding the plane while airlines reserve the right to deny entry to people displaying COVID-19 symptoms. Tourists are also required to sign a form declaring that they would bear all costs of quarantine or treatment in case the need arises while in Dubai.

Leaving Dubai

All tourists must download the COVID-19 DXB App and register details. They should also adhere to a 14-day quarantine in case the COVID-19 test result is positive.