Workers at a road project in Abu Dhabi. The midday break aims to prevent labourers from toiling under direct sunlight between 12.30 and 3pm. Image Credit: Gulf News File

Abu Dhabi: The City Planning Sector’s Environment, Health and Safety Department, under the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, has launched a comprehensive five-day field inspection campaign across various construction sites on Abu Dhabi Island to ensure the health and safety of workers within the construction and building sector in the emirate.

The initiative aims is to educate both the workers and the company owners in the sector about necessary safety measures to be implemented during heat-intensive work periods.


Mid-day break rule

Throughout the campaign, the Municipality’s inspectors emphasised the importance of adhering to the mid-day break rule, a mandate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Workers were also educated about the importance of access to cold drinking water, suitable cooling equipment, sun-shielding umbrellas, salt-infused hydration resources and provision for first-aid at the workplace.

Additionally, companies are urged to ensure shaded rest areas for workers to recuperate during their downtime, designed in accordance with the workforce size and recommended health and safety standards.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality continues to press upon construction companies and their personnel the necessity of preventive measures and first aid availability at job sites to uphold worker health and safety.