190221 mahmoud nazeih
Mahmoud Nazeih with his daughter in hospital. The father says she is still in the ICU in critical condition. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: The 19-month-old Egyptian girl, who fell from a 10th floor apartment in Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday, was airlifted to Tawam Hospital in Al Ain on Wednesday where a specialist team of medics assessed that her brain was "unharmed".

Lein Mahmoud Nazieh’s father confirmed to Gulf News that she was airlifted from Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah at 9.20am on Wednesday and arrived at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain at 10am via a Ministry of Interior helicopter equipped with life-support gear.

She was received by a specialist team of medics upon the orders of Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, the Minister of Health and Prevention.

New tests found the brain was unharmed and there was no internal bleeding, but it did confirm fractures in her ribs.

Medics are awaiting reports from further tests and her condition remains critical, according to a hospital official, who confirmed that she was still in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Tawam Hospital.

Earlier Health Minister Al Owais had given instructions to form a specialist medical team to follow up on the girl’s case.

The team examined the girl on Tuesday and decided to perform surgery.

The minister instructed medics to transfer the girl to any specialist paediatric hospital in the UAE if her condition required, medical sources told Gulf News.

The girl suffered several fractures in the fall, which was cushioned by her landing on the rear windscreen of a car parked below the building. The incident happened after her father went to the supermarket, while her mother was packing the schoolbag of their six-year-old son at around 11pm. The girl accessed the open window after climbing a sofa placed beside it.