Dr Naseem Mohammed Rafee, director of the Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, holds up an 'ideal salon' certificate. Image Credit: Sajila Saseendran/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has certified 48 ladies’ beauty centres and gents’ parlours as “ideal salons”, even as it plans to give first, business and economy class ratings for salons in the emirate.

A senior official revealed this as the civic body gave away the ‘ideal salon’ certificates to 20 of the 48 centres at the Beautyworld Middle East show at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Dr Naseem Mohammed Rafee, director of the Health and Safety Department at the municipality, told Gulf News that the certification is part of the civic authority’s initiative to upgrade the establishments providing beauty services as model salons.

“We want to measure and raise health and safety compliance level in all built environment in the emirate of Dubai, which include gents, ladies and kids’ salons.

Categorising ideal salons is as per consumer needs to have different classes of these businesses, with high level of compliance,” she said.

However, she clarified that the certification is not a mandatory requirement of the department and receiving it is not a license to increase the charges at salons.

“We came up with the guidelines for ‘ideal salons’ to create a challenging environment among the establishments in this business activity to enhance best practices, compliance and customer satisfaction.”

Who can get it?

The new initiative is integrated with the department’s smart inspection and grading system. “Only those businesses who have received the top grade, A, in our inspections can apply for the ideal salon certification,” Dr Rafee explained.

All salons should commit to and fulfill all health and safety requirements as per the compliance guidelines issued by the department for salons, barbershops and beauty centres. The grades are given from A to F with A being the highest and F, the lowest grade.

Those who achieve the A grade in smart inspection can proceed to apply for the Ideal Salon certification if they show higher level of compliance which exceeds the health and safety requirements.

“The beauty centres must maintain grade A to proceed with nomination for ideal salons. They should comply with at least four more criteria set for the ideal salons.”

In the next stage, the municipality plans to recognise value-added services in salons and determine their classes similar to those in air travel—economy, business and first class.

While it is not mandatory, Dr Rafee said many beauty centres have already started showing interest in getting the certificate that gives a stamp of approval for sustainability, quality of service and healthy environment.

“Many of the beauty salons, who had lower grades, are working on the improvements themselves. They’re not waiting for the inspector to come and tell them what to do. Taking our guidelines, they are doing self-inspection on themselves.”

The main criteria

Availability of a proper salon management system, including consultation services for customers.

Adequate controlled lighting at all workstations inside the salon.

Availability of waiting area away from the service area.

Sustainable and clean decoration inside and outside the salon.

Proper mechanical ventilation system at worksites where conditions of humidity, steam and smell are released.

High qualifications and skills, with professional certification for staff members.

Readiness and special characteristics of workstations such as availability of non-mandatory disposable tools, using special workstation with related products and tools etc.

Recycling programme for waste management

Using ‘Montaji,’ the municipality app that enlists registered consumer products.