150 volunteers took part in the initiative in Al Samhah East area Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by Al Shahama Municipality Centre, collaborated with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) to conduct a planting initiative in Al Samhah.

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This initiative aimed to plant around 500 diverse seedlings in the Al Samhah East area as part of the “For Our Emirates We Plant” initiative.

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The initiative aimed to expand agricultural lands and green areas, adding an aesthetic touch to streets and public spaces within the centre’s geographical jurisdiction. Additionally, it sought to enhance sustainability standards and improve collaboration with strategic partners.

Additionally, the municipality teams, in collaboration with representatives from the EEG and 150 volunteers, planted hundreds of various trees in the targeted areas of Al Samhah East. This effort included 250 Prosopis (Ghaf) seedlings, 150 Acacia seedlings, and 100 Acacia Nilotica seedlings, totalling 500 seedlings.

These efforts were part of the ongoing collaboration between the municipality and the EEG. Within the scope of Al Shahama Municipality Centre, the number of seedlings planted in partnership with the municipality and EEG reached 5,575 seedlings in different areas affiliated with the centre, as part of For Our Emirates We Plant.

Additionally, the municipality emphasises its commitment to continuing collaboration with its various strategic partners to conduct similar initiatives in many areas within its geographical jurisdiction and its sub-centres. These efforts aim to enhance cooperation, expand green areas that contribute to preserving the environment, improve the city’s aesthetic appearance, and enhance the elements of natural beauty.