The emirate of Ajman helps increase energy efficiency, rationalise water consumption, and raise the vitality of buildings by applying green building standards and requirements for new residential villas.

Ajman:  The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman has announced that the total number of green buildings in the emirate has hit 8,335 buildings, based on the green building standards for residential buildings.

This comes in line with the state’s directives and embodies the methodologies adopted in the Year of Sustainability, which continues its journey for the second consecutive year, emphasising its tangible positive results.

The figure includes the buildings that have been completed since the beginning of the implementation of the first phase of the Green Building Decision issued in 2018 and until the end of last year 2023.

• A green or sustainable building is a building that, because of its construction and features, can maintain or improve the quality of life of the environment in which it is located.

• From box houses and residential villas to large skyscrapers and novel structures, green buildings pave the way to more eco-friendly urban planning.

• New trends in urban planning include the construction of eco-neighbourhoods which are urban projects that aim to reduce the impact on the environment and change the living habits of occupants to make them more responsible for their surroundings.

• In a nutshell, sustainable buildings minimise energy and water consumption and are a key part of sustainable urban development that seeks to combat climate change.

Engineer Khalifa Abdullah Al Falasi, Director of Buildings at the department, said that the municipality achieved the target number for 2023 on green buildings, given the drive to increase energy efficiency, rationalise water consumption, and raise the vitality of buildings by applying the standards and requirements of green buildings for new residential villas in the emirate.

The goal, Al Falasi said, is to build a happy community that drives a green economy and develop sustainable infrastructure, empower everyone in the emirate to reduce carbon emissions, and ultimately to cultivate a healthy and attractive city.