Smart metres, consumption trackers and saving tips are among a wide range of services that residents can use to practice sustainability. Photo for illustrative use only Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) customers have said the authority’s smart services helped them raise the efficiency of their electricity and water consumption and reduce waste and leakages.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of DEWA, said the authority invests in the latest technologies to provide innovative services that facilitate the lives of customers and help them detect leaks immediately, solve problems and obstacles that cause increased waste and address malfunctions without contacting DEWA.

DEWA’s customers said the digital channels, including DEWA’s website and smart app, helped them complete their transactions smoothly. They added that the Smart Living initiative raised their awareness about billing and consumption by providing clear information about bills and their main components and clarifying reasons for increased consumption.

Call back

Tamer Salah Abdel Qader, director of Revenue Department at Radisson Hotel Group, lauded DEWA’s auto-scheduling feature to make an appointment for a technical team visit with real-time updates, and the ‘call back’ feature through smart channels for customers to schedule a DEWA agent to call them back. Qader also commended the ‘Away Mode’ service for continuing to monitor consumption of electricity and water even while customers away from home.

Zainab Hafez Al Hussaini, owner of a private company in commercial mediation, said the channels approved by DEWA to pay bills “guarantee the highest levels of security, privacy and confidentiality of data and information”. She added that the ‘My Sustainable Living’ programme is an important way to encourage community members to follow an environmentally friendly lifestyle, through simple daily steps. Moreover, it promotes positive competition between customers to reduce their carbon footprint by comparing their consumption with that of other homes.

Usage alert

Ahmed Abdel Hamid Abdullah said that DEWA’s replacement of mechanical metres with smart metres is considered “a great leap” in the efficiency of electricity and water consumption. Abdullah added that he received notifications through the High-Water Usage Alert, which helped him discover a leak in the water tank due to damage to the main insulator, so he immediately took the necessary measures to reduce water wastage. He also praised the tips provided by DEWA to inform customers of the locations and indications of potential leakages.

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Fahd Abdul Rahman praised the exclusive offers and discounts offered by DEWA Store on its smart app to enhance consumption and use of energy and water-saving devices, in addition to providing a list of maintenance companies that can be used.

Hatem Fadel Jannam, technician in a company, noted that the smart services provided by DEWA enhance the confidence of customers in DEWA, save their time and effort, and allow them to benefit from all DEWA’s services at any time and from anywhere, with ease, ease and safety.

Hani Al-Turki described dealing with the smart services provided by DEWA as ‘excellent’, explaining that DEWA offers safe and accessible channels for paying bills.

Faisal Mono said that the Self-Assessment Tool enabled him to understand his consumption patterns very quickly and introduced him to simple ways to reduce consumption.