Attendees watch a Boston Dynamics Inc. Spot robot inside the Energy Transition hub within the Green Zone. The Startup Village at COP28 is a good place to learn about the robotic dog and other innovations. Image Credit: Bloomberg

The Startup Village at COP28 is a great place to see innovation in action. Participants have come from around the world to show what they are working on, including ideas that will make you sit up.

Here are a few on display at the Green Zone.

Fish without bones

Lab-generated fish
Lab-generated fish Image Credit: Alex Abraham/Gulf News

You may have heard of lab-generated meat, but what about fish that’s produced in the same way? The avant technology platform offers a system to develop and produce fish directly from cells. We got a look at how we may soon get to eat fish without bones or even the head – fish fillet that will be ready to cook blended or tissue-structured. The company says its fish and marine proteins are produced sustainably, free from marine pollutants.

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A robotic dog to keep watch

Fancy a robotic dog to keep watch over your home? Cantilever integrates data from Gecko’s various robotic and hardware systems into an AI-powered software platform to help do this. And the result is a robotic dog that can guard your house and do just about anything, depending on what you want to load into the software.

A 10kg satellite

Satellite cop28
A 10-kg satellite on display at the Startup Village, COP28. Image Credit: Alex Abraham / Gulf News

Ever thought of how much a satellite weighs? Large satellites weigh over 1,000kg, while medium ones are around 500kg. Arkedge Space is a Japanese startup company specialized in the design and manufacture of nanosatellites for low earth orbit and deep space exploration missions. At COP28, the company has put on display one such satellite that weighs 10kg – the size of a large shoe box. They can be used for geological surveys to maritime safety, from disaster monitoring to agricultural improvement.

Begin at home

Kudakwashe Mutama COP28 Sustynable
Kudakwashe Mutama explains why a simple workshop can help people be involved in taking small steps to fight climate change. Image Credit: Alex Abraham / Gulf News

Some stalls at the Startup Village are about encouraging people to learn more about climate change and take action at home, like Climate Fresk. Innovative methods to study about this include the use of cards to figure out how human activity is at the root of climate change, and taking part in collaborative workshops. And at Sustynable, a digital lifestyle platform, the idea is to help people transition to living a sustainable way of life by creating a personalised roadmap for individuals. People are encouraged to not just start a journey, but ensure that it becomes a habit and a lifestyle.