Julie Beaulieu
Julie Beaulieu is Student Energy observer in the Blue Zone of COP28 UN Climate Change Summit. The Canadian hopes to use the knowledge from the summit in her studies. Image Credit: Shyam A. Krishna/Gulf News

COP28 has been a learning experience for Julie Beaulieu. The Canadian student hopes to integrate knowledge gleaned at the UN Climate Summit into her studies.

“I’m hoping to use what I’ve learnt here and all the intersectionalities into the rest of my undergraduate studies as well as my masters,” says Beaulieu, an observer at the Blue Zone negotiations.

A stint in organising the Student Energy Summit in the UAE helped Beaulieu become an observer at COP28, and she’s loving it. “I’m learning a lot about intersectionality between different areas within climate change. [Also] sustainable meals to children in schools, and how that can improve education, as well as food security and sustainability.”

Lessons in sustainability

Spurred by the learnings at COP28, Beaulieu wants to make a career in food security. “I want to work in food security and make sure I integrate as much sustainability within food security as possible. I grew up on a farm, and I wish to continue the agricultural improvements that have been happening.

Beaulieu has been busy organising the Student Energy Summit in the UAE last week. “We gathered 650 delegates, all youth, from over 130 countries to come here. They were able to interact with industry leaders and find opportunities for internships and future jobs. So at this point, I’ve been trying as much as possible to give opportunities to other youth to gain the same opportunities that I have had in previous times.

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How did Beaulieu wander into sustainable energy? “I got into this adventure not knowing anything about sustainable energy. And now I’m here. I’ve got 28 moderating sessions and being a speaker.

Along the way, Beaulieu learnt well and became an advocate for renewable energy. “I’ve been attending multiple conferences as a speaker and a moderator.

I’ve been focusing a lot on energy, renewable energy. Just inclusive renewable energy transition is something I’ve been speaking a lot about, as well as clean cooking. I’ve been involved with making sure that people have access to clean energy when it comes to cooking, which can improve their health and economic status.