Eid meat
In the UAE alone, about 100,000 people will stand to benefit from Emirates Red Crescent's Adahi campaign. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Emirates Red Crescent Authority (ERC) today launched this year’s edition of its Eid Al Adha Sacrificial Meat (Adahi) campaign, with the aim of benefitting 1.5 million people within and outside the UAE.

In the UAE alone, about 100,000 people will stand to benefit from the campaign. Another 1.4 million will receive sacrificial meat through the campaign, which covers 56 other countries.

ERC has drafted a plan to achieve the campaign’s local objectives, in line with COVID-19 precautionary measures, with the sacrificial meat coupons delivered to beneficiaries in order to avoid overcrowding, said Salem Al Ameri, ERC deputy secretary-general for local affairs. Sterilisation procedures will also be observed during slaughter, preparation and transfer procedures.

ERC local centres have completed their preparations for the sacrifice meat distribution.

Al Ameri added that the ERC seeks to reach a bigger number of beneficiaries this year, considering the current global situation, as it is keen to broaden the campaign’s scope of beneficiaries.

The price of the sacrifice within the UAE is Dh660 and it has been set at Dh400 for outside the country.

“Through this humanitarian campaign, we seek to disperse the spirit of human solidarity in many troubled areas that suffer from war or famine, especially refugee camps and displacement camps, where aid would reach people who could truly benefit from such a campaign. We will always keep our doors open to donations from anyone who would like to partake in our humanitarian efforts during this important campaign,” said Fahad bin Sultan, ERC deputy secretary-general for international development and cooperation.

He pointed out that ERC works in coordination with the UAE’s embassies, offices and humanitarian organisations in troubled countries in order to help overcome food shortages in affected nations.