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Emirates Post launches the 49th Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) annual letter writing competition for young people Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirates Post has announced that participants can now start sending their submissions for the 49th UPU annual letter writing competition for schoolchildren aged between 10 and 15 years, under the new 2020 theme ‘Write a message to an adult about the world we live in.’

Organised by Emirates Post as part of the United Postal Union’s global initiative, a UN body that oversees the world’s post, the competition aims to encourage youth to enhance their writing skills and clearly express their thoughts by introducing them to the art of letter writing.

Yousef Al Khaja, Chief Business Officer – Retail of Emirates Post, said: “As supporters of local talent and advocates of creativity, Emirates Post is proud to be part of an initiative that ignites the passion for writing in the hearts of young people in the country, stimulates their intellect, educates them on the importance and rich history of written letters, and sheds light on the importance of postal services in our lives.”

Emirates Post has invited schoolchildren to participate in the competition by submitting a 500 to 1,000-word letter in English or Arabic by March 31. Based on international evaluation standards, three national winners will be selected from all the submissions, with the letter of the first-place winner representing the UAE at the international round of the competition alongside other winners from around the world. The three national winners will receive their prizes on the annual World Post Day celebration.

The conditions of the competition include that the letter is recent, not previously published, and that three copies be submitted, one handwritten and two electronic versions (one in WORD format, the other in PDF). More information is available on