Antony Jos, Managing Director, Joyalukkas Exchange
Antony Jos, Managing Director, Joyalukkas Exchange Image Credit: Supplied

Joyalukkas Exchange, the leading money exchange brand in UAE, has been one of the early adopters of change in embracing innovative technologies. The Joyalukkas Exchange Webremit Mobile App was launched as a step forward in extending its world-class services to the digital domain. Since its launch, the app has continuously evolved with enhanced updates and added features. The app has an easy-to-use interface and navigation, which makes it simple for anyone to use it. The app allows the customers to add and manage beneficiaries easily and offers instant money transfer in real-time with features to track the transaction.

Antony Jos, Managing Director, Joyalukkas Exchange, who keenly pursues digital innovations, said, “At Joyalukkas Exchange, our mission has always been to make our services simpler and easier. Last year’s pandemic was a testing time for all of us, and sending money became a challenge, especially during the lockdown period. Fortunately, our digital innovations were always a step ahead, and our Joyalukkas Exchange Webremit Mobile App made it easier for our customers to send money safely and securely from the comfort of their homes. Considering the diverse sector of customers we cater to, we have made the app very user-friendly to help our customers make transactions quickly, in three simple steps. Our mobile app combined with our competitive rates and loyalty rewards not only helped us meet the market demand but also ensured our customers’ money reached their loved ones in their hour of need.”

Unique features

Some of the unique features in the app include checking live currency and gold rates, which are dynamic and real-time. Customers also can choose the best exchange rates based on the value date and even set rate alert notification. Considering the diversity in the Gulf region, the app supports five languages - English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, and Bengali.

The Joyalukkas Exchange Webremit Mobile App is available on both Android and IOS platforms. While the Joyalukkas Exchange outlets continue to offer world-class exchange services, the app has made exchange services easier with 24/7 access.

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