Dubai: Dubai Police are warning the public against the illegal slaughter of animals during Eid Al Adha.

Major General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Director of Dubai Police’s CID, said on Thursday that abattoirs are equipped to meet public demand.

He said people who wish to sacrifice animals should get prior approval from authorised slaughterhouses and get the meat inspected after to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.

Meat shops, restaurants and individuals found slaughtering animals in undesignated places will risk fines, police warned.

“Warnings have been issued to all outlets selling meat in the emirate,” they added.

Police also warned that there were some butchers who go from door-to-door to slaughter animals. They say this practice is illegal and most of these people do not have residency visas and have not undergone medical tests.

He urged the public to call CID on 800243 to report such kinds of illegal activity.

Major-General Al Mansouri said that the municipality abattoirs maintain the highest standards of quality to ensure public health and safety.

“Illegal slaughtering not only poses a risk to public health, but the waste of animals dumped in the open affects the cleanliness of the city and pollutes the environment,” police said.

“The public should be aware of the ways of safe sacrificial slaughter, the role of the veterinary doctor, and the dangers of slaughtering outside the designated abattoirs and seeking the services of roaming butchers.

“The slaughtering time starts after Eid prayer, and extends to the last days of Al Tashreeq [four days total]. So, there is no need to rush to conduct the slaughtering on the first day of Eid.”