EdComs connects businesses and other organisations to the education sector, bringing real life experience and expertise into the classroom Image Credit: Supplied


- EdComs (derived from Education Communications), is a subsidiary of Washington-based Everfi,  a pioneer in the Community Engagement industry.
- EdComs connects businesses to the education sector, bringing real life experience into education.
– EdComs has signed up strategic agreements with the Expo 2020 and DP World.
- Andrew Jackson,  Consul General at the British Embassy Dubai, attented EdComs’ launch at Capital Club, DIFC.
- UAE has recently set aside Dh10.4 billion education budget for 2020.

Tapping into the Dh10.4 billion budget set aside for education in UAE’s 2020 budget, and with a view to contribute to UAE’s Education 2020 Strategy - part of Vision 2021 - EdComs, a full-service creative communications agency with a focus on education, launches its Middle East office in Dubai.

EdComs connects businesses and other organisations to the education sector, bringing real life experience and expertise into the classroom. The programmes that it develops on behalf of those organisations, teach young people 21st century skills and help prepare them for future careers in the dynamic and fast paced environment in the UAE. EdComs’ business-education partnerships aim to engage children, young people, families, communities and professionals.

The new EdComs office was inaugurated under the auspices of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth-II’s Trade Commissioner for the Middle East, Simon Penney, who said, “EdComs’ partnership approach allows companies to engage more meaningfully in the education sector, and enables UK businesses in the UAE to contribute to the knowledge-based economy. I wish the team every success here in the UAE and the wider Middle East region.”

EdComs is currently working with UAE’s giants such as DP World and Expo 2020 on developing their educational offers in the lead up to the much-awaited Expo 2020 show, which starts in October this year. His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and the ruler of the emirate of Dubai once said, “I want Dubai to be number one. Not in the region, but in the world… Number one in everything, education, health, housing.” Through its educational programmes, developed in partnership with businesses and other organizations, EdComs’ ambition is to realize His Highness’s dream of empowering the young people of the UAE and preparing them for global participation.

Martin Finn, co-founder EdComs, thinks that the UAE has a very progressive attitude towards education and innovation, and says, “Among the many countries in which EdComs delivers work, the UAE stands out in its ambition and readiness to consider change in education. That’s why we’ve chosen to open our first non-UK office here. We see an opportunity for businesses and government to share their visions, their expertise and opportunities to excite, educate and empower the young people of the UAE. With our experience in developing business-education partnerships, we believe we can help organisations realise great benefit from engagement with schools and communities. Equally, we can help deliver unique learning experiences for schools and young people that will have lasting impact on their lives and futures.”

The UAE’s education market is expected to grow from $4.4 billion in 2017 to $7.1 billion by 2023 according to a 2018 report released by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) entitled “Where to Invest Now in GCC Private Education”. Having an increasing number of international players like EdComs enter the market means that students will have access to more dynamic, versatile and diverse educational journeys.

Andrew Jackson, HM Consul General at the British Embassy Dubai, who attented EdComs’ launch party at Capital Club, DIFC, said in his keynote speech, “The UK and the UAE have a longstanding and growing partnership in education and skills. We welcome the expertise that UK companies such as EdComs bring to this sector. I'm delighted that EdComs have chosen the UAE for their first international office and look forward to their work further deepening our education partnership.”

In 2020, EdComs’ new Dubai office will work even more closely with businesses and government to support education through schools programmes and community engagement activities and contribute to the long-term future of Dubai and the development of the nation as a knowledge-based economy.