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Westford University College will be offering up to 80 per cent scholarships across its undergraduate and master’s programmes. There are four pathways to be eligible for the scholarship — Merit-based, Westford YBLP Performance, Westford Scholarship Test and Outstanding Extracurricular Performance. These programmes are introduced in pursuit of supporting students to find realistic and workable ways to achieve their higher education goals. Westford also focuses on providing maximum internships and placement opportunities to its students.

Westford University College is an awarding-winning educational institute, delivering quality programmes for over a decade. Westford has an international reputation for excellence.

With students from over 116 countries, its student body is one of the most internationally diverse of any other institutes in the region. Westford prides itself in providing a lifelong learning experience to its global community of learners. Its programmes are very competitively priced, making education affordable and accessible for students across all levels.

Westford provides programmes starting from the L3 foundation to HND, Bachelor’s, Master’s, DBA, and other professional courses. Having more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, Westford has an edge over its younger e-universities and has collaborated with international universities and awarding institutions to bring together the most valuable blend of career development certifications and opportunities.

Westford’s vision is to be a global institution that offers affordable quality education to all learning aspirants. It AIMs to Aspire, Innovate and Master the fundamentals of management education and carve a niche in a variety of disciplines through constant research, experiential learning, and impactful teaching.