The new Qasr Al Watn commemorative stamp. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Recognising the cultural legacy of postage stamps and the role they play in promoting, preserving and commemorating the heritage and national history of a nation, Emirates Post Group unveiled commemorative stamps in celebration of the Palace of the Nation — ‘Qasr Al Watan’.

The stamp — which simulates the mesmerising dome at the palace — represents Qasr Al Watan’s infusion of Islamic geometrical patterns and inclusion of Arabian architectural craftsmanship, culture and artistry. As the unique cultural landmark collaborates with the oldest public service institution in the UAE, the Qasr Al Watan stamp aims to further boost the cultural understanding of the nation and invites the world to share the UAE’s journey by exploring its history, traditions, and heritage.

‘Grandeur of Arab architecture, literature, art'

Abdulla M. Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group Company, stated: “Qasr Al Watan is a source of pride for the nation offering a glimpse into our wise leadership’s administrative headquarters and appreciation of our system of governance. It also serves as a platform to teach, learn and admire the grandeur of Arab architecture, literature, art and the sciences.

“As one of the nation’s significant monuments to cultural knowledge, and in our role of connecting people through postal services, we aim to communicate the UAE’s unique and progressive culture and values to the world. We are pleased to issue commemorative stamps that celebrate Qasr Al Watan and the rich heritage of the UAE.”

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On December 31, 2021, Emirates Post Group issued 25,000 commemorative stamps and 1,000 First Day Covers. They are available for sale on Emirates Post’s dedicated web shop, and at Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centres.