RTA bus
RTA bus Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers investment opportunities to school bus operators by permitting the display of advertisements and promotional campaigns on school buses.

“This initiative provides an additional revenue stream for school transport operators by utilising advertising spaces inside and outside school buses. However, these advertisements must adhere to stringent standards and requirements to ensure they promote products and offers appropriately, safeguarding the rights and protection of school children,” said Adel Shakeri, Director of Planning & Business Development, RTA.

“RTA is actively coordinating with stakeholders across various sectors to gather and screen their feedback, aiming to launch initiatives that benefit government, semi-government, and private entities,” added Shakeri.

Adverts outlines

Advertisements must be suitable for students and encourage correct principles, morals, and behaviours according to UAE laws.

Approval for the content must be obtained from Dubai Municipality.

An advertising permit is required through RTA’s website.

On-board advertising screens should be positioned behind the driver to prevent distraction.

No advertisements should obstruct doors or emergency exits.

Advertisements on the exterior of buses should not cover the ‘School Bus’ signage or obstruct the driver’s view, particularly on the rear glass.

Applications should be submitted via the Advertising Management System (AMS) on RTA’s website, with all necessary documents attached.

The approval of the Dubai Municipality is required whenever the advertising material is changed.

The installation and subsequent removal of the advertising material from buses should be completed within 48 hours after the campaign concludes.