Abu Dhabi: Reformed addicts now have a second chance to contribute to society through a six-month vocational training programme.

The programme is part of an after-care initiative launched by the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) to re-integrate the cured patients into the workforce through training courses developed by the UAE Academy.

Nine patients who have completed their treatment phases and are currently in NRC's halfway house, will attend the vocational training programme.

The programme's first two months will include theoretical classes at the UAE Academy. There will also be hands-on training in a number of institutions, with 332 hours of training on average.

The focus will be on improving language and communication skills, developing problem-solving skills, decision-making and generating and evaluating ideas.

The beneficiaries will also be granted the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) certification.

They will also learn how to manage job interviews through effective team work programmes, focusing on choosing the right job and preparing a CV.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr Hamad Al Gaffari, Director General of NRC, said: "The programme aims to provide the participants with employment skills and vocational training. It instills in them essential work ethics, and provides them with the necessary skills to enable them to actively take part in the workforce again."

Meanwhile, Mohammad Al Hosani, head of the Social Work Department at the NRC, told Gulf News that during the training his door will always be open for each of the nine patients. "We won't stop following up on how each and every single patient is doing."

About NRC

The NRC was established in Abu Dhabi in May 2002, with 18 beds for male Emiratis who are addicted to either drugs, alcohol, or both.

Since its establishment, the NRC has offered treatment, rehabilitation and nursing services to 340 patients, some of whom are still receiving treatment.