Abu Dhabi University campus

At Abu Dhabi University, our commitment to excellence in higher education is validated by prestigious accreditations from institutions such as AACSB, EQUIS, ABET, RIBA, APHEA, and WASC. These esteemed bodies ensure the global recognition and respect of your Abu Dhabi University degree, both by employers and higher education institutions internationally.

Our success is founded on a clear vision and strong values. The pursuit of knowledge is our priority, and we're supported by a team of dedicated professionals and outstanding facilities. Our campus boasts state-of-the-art teaching and research resources, a comprehensive student centre, and impressive outdoor spaces, all of which serve as invaluable assets for our students, local businesses, and the community. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, while our library provides access to a vast world of knowledge and research.

Our flexible classroom settings facilitate interactive and face-to-face instruction, allowing you to engage with your teachers and fellow students effectively.

Collaboration is central to our approach, and we partner with renowned academic, business, and community organisations such as Arizona State University, Rice University, Trinity College Dublin, Politecnico di Milano, Monash University, University College Dublin, and the Queensland University of Technology. We also work closely with leading businesses and public sector entities in the region, creating a network that enhances our teaching, research, and outreach efforts.

We believe that students and faculty are the heart of a university. Together, we aim to elevate the university's reputation, contribute to the economy and society, and ensure that your time at Abu Dhabi University is truly memorable. We're here to support your academic growth, help you develop the skills and qualifications needed for successful careers, and promote your personal growth as a well-rounded individual.

Prestigious rankings and global impact

Abu Dhabi University has firmly established itself as a beacon of excellence in higher education, consistently achieving impressive rankings that underscore our commitment to top-tier education and a culture of innovation and internationalisation.

In the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023, ADU's accomplishments are truly remarkable. We've secured the top spot in the UAE for the teaching pillar, a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality educational experiences. Additionally, we've achieved joint 2nd place in the UAE and the Arab region for Business and Economics subjects, further solidifying our leadership in these critical fields.

Our commitment to internationalisation is evident through our notable recognition in THE rankings. ADU ranks an impressive 2nd place in the UAE and the MENA for the highest proportion of international students, highlighting our commitment to fostering a diverse and globally-oriented learning environment.

Research influence is another area where we excel, securing the 2nd position in the UAE for research influence/citations. This achievement speaks to our commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to the global academic community.

Our continuous pursuit of excellence has earned us the title of the 3rd best university in the UAE, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement and the highest standards in education.

ADU's global perspective is a key factor in our success, as demonstrated by our 10th position globally for international outlook. This ranking enhances our reputation as an institution that values diverse perspectives and cross-cultural exchange.

Furthermore, ADU's impressive standing in THE's Young University Rankings, securing the 58th spot, highlights our rapid rise as a dynamic institution with a focus on innovation and forward-thinking education.

On a regional scale, ADU stands tall as the 59th best university in all of Asia, a testament to our growing reputation and influence in the continent's higher education landscape.

Our strengths in Business and Economics subjects are further affirmed by our impressive global ranking of 151-175, underscoring our contributions to these critical fields.

In the realm of sustainability, ADU's commitment to making a positive impact is evident, as we secured a notable spot in THE Impact Ranking, landing in the 301-400 range.

Abu Dhabi University's remarkable rankings across a diverse range of categories in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 showcase our unwavering dedication to providing an outstanding educational experience, fostering international collaboration, and making a significant impact on the global stage. As we continue to climb the ranks, ADU's legacy of excellence in education is certain to shine even brighter in the years to come.

The Times Higher Education (THE) has published its annual Graduate Employability Rankings, and Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has been ranked as the best in the United Arab Emirates, a significant yardstick for effective education. THE surveys over 1,600 institutions in nearly 100 countries and has rated ADU as the top university in the UAE, 2nd in the GCC, and 3rd in the Arab region.

These results place ADU well within the top 250 universities worldwide, alongside an elite group of institutions led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oxford University. ADU has earned the impressive ranking of 179th among these world-leading institutions.