Dubai: Dubai Police plan to appoint women officers in top command positions like directors of police stations as part of the future plan to give the women more responsibilities and participation in the police work.

Major-General Dr Abdul Qudoos Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Quality and Excellence of Dubai Police, said, “We have a plan to appoint women in positions like the director and deputy director of a police station. It’s a future plan after developing the command skills of our women officers,” General Al Obaidly said.

Meanwhile, Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief, celebrated International Women’s Day by sending a congratulatory text message to all Dubai policewomen for their commitment to serve the force.

“The working women are always a part of the building and development process of the country. Your work for the security of the society is much appreciated,” Major-General Al Merri said in his text message.

“The woman is equal to the man, and the woman is a major partner in building and developing our country. The woman always has a leading and creative character. This day is to honour every mother, wife, sister and daughter in our society,” Major-General Al Merri added.

He said the UAE provides all support to Emirati women and it is their responsibility to earn that support. “Emirati women are now taking a leading role in the UAE.”

Fatima Al Kindi, Director of Human Services in the police’s Human Rights Department, said they are very thankful and feel blessed for the support of all leaders in the UAE, “The Emirati woman has proved that she can take up responsibilities just like any man. Emirati women are now taking more leading roles and positions and more of them would come to serve our society and country,” Al Kindi said.