People using the Nol transport card will be able to use them in grocery shops or hypermarkets in new RTA plan. Image Credit: PANKAJ SHARMA/Gulf News

Dubai: Commuters in Dubai and Sharjah now have more options to conveniently pay for their daily essentials using just their Metro card.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday that Nol cardholders can now swipe their cards at any cashier of LuLu grocery stores in the two emirates.

LuLu Group, which operates a number of grocery stores and hypermarkets across the UAE, is the latest addition to the list of retailers that accept the public transport payment card for cashless transactions.

Just last month, the RTA announced that Nol cards are being accepted at all Carrefour stores across Dubai. The use of Nol cards to purchase goods at LuLu has just been enabled through a payment scheme by Mercury.

“Nol cardholders can use their cards in payment for light and quick purchases at these outlets,” the RTA said in a statement.

According to Khaled Al Awadi, director of automated fare collection systems at RTA’s corporate technology support services sector, the initiative is an “important step towards realizing” the goal of  “bringing happiness to Nol cardholders in Dubai.”

“The [programme] is compatible with the Smart City initiative of Dubai Government by developing advanced technologies that enable people to benefit from the diverse package of services they use on a daily basis.”

Ashraf Ali MA, executive director of Lulu Group said they are “delighted to join hands with RTA” in the payment programme.

“[This is] sure to make shopping at Lulu a more convenient and easy experience for the large population of Dubai and Sharjah who are already using the Nol cards for many other services.”