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Dubai beach club Zero Gravity has apologised after an explicit video of a man performing a lewd act went viral on Sunday.

In a statement posted on its Instagram account, the club said the person in the video was immediately removed following the incident and has been banned from the venue. It has also tightened its ‘rules of conduct’ to ensure everyone’s well-being in future.

The incident, according to the beach club, occurred on December 15 when a man was caught on camera in the pool with his swimming trunks pulled down. A widely-circulated video showed the person, seemingly unaware to the pool’s glass wall, being reprimanded by a security guard.

“We regret that an unacceptable incident took place at Zero Gravity on Saturday 15 December,” the club said. “The well-being of our guests is our priority and we have zero-tolerance for any inappropriate conduct. We insist on the highest standards of behaviour at all times and we have immediately taken action to strengthen the implementation of our rules of conduct.

“Our guests can be assured that all water hygiene controls were in place at the time of the incident, including hourly water quality checks, and we have carried out a number of hygiene tests and activities since the incident to continue to protect the well-being of everyone who enjoys Zero Gravity.

“The conduct of this individual, who was immediately removed, and banned, from Zero Gravity, fell well below that which can be expected by our guests and we sincerely apologise for any distress or anxiety caused. Thank you for all your messages of support.”