A quad biker riding in the desert. The picture is used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: As the weather gets cooler and people start planning camping trips in the desert, Sharjah Police have warned against behaviour that may lead to accidents or that may inconvenience others.

Sharjah Police said it has taken a number of measures and safety precautions to ensure security in the deserts, especially in Al Badayer and neighbouring areas. The police especially urged against using quad bikes in those areas, and against reckless driving.

Brigadier Mohammad Rashid Bayat, director general of police operations at Sharjah Police, said youths should abide by safety rules, and warned against carrying out stunts with quad bikes and other vehicles. He said such attempts may lead to accidents that may be fatal.

Bayat also warned against modifying vehicles to increase their speed and horsepower, as that may harm the environment, destroy the natural habitat, and cause noise, which could make the person in question legally accountable for any damages.

He said the increased police operations in Al Badayer and other popular camping spots aims to curb the use of quad bikes, and prevent the entry of any modified and unlicensed vehicles.