A prototype of the gold model Lamborghini Aventador LP 4-700 is on display at the Dubai Mall. Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News

Dubai: Known for its dizzying speed, gorgeous looks and luxurious interiors, a Lamborghini is the dream of every car enthusiast, but wouldn’t it be even more appealing if it were studded with 2,000 diamonds and carved out of 25kg of gold?

This is exactly what a German designer has done, albeit with a model car. Priced at $7.4 million (Dh27.1 million), the 25-inch piece of art is the most expensive model car in the world.

A prototype of the gold model Lamborghini Aventador LP 4-700 is on display at the Dubai Mall, and could be yours for $350,000 (Dh1.2 million). The original model will be built on the same scale, but will be made of solid gold.

“The model on display is the gold-plated prototype which is worth $350,000 and it is available for sale. But our main idea is to sell the original model of the same scale that is built in solid gold. The model will be carved out of a 500kg gold block and will be made of 25kg of gold,” said Robert Gulpen, the German designer who built the car.

Apart from 25kg gold, the car will come studded with 2,000 diamonds and precious stones, with each seat having 700 diamonds.

“For me the Aventador LP 4-700 stands for the 700 diamonds we will be putting on each seat,” he added.

However, the model car can be further customised based on a buyer’s demand.

“If a buyer wants more diamonds in the car, we can do it, that’s why we are marketing with the prototype. Once we have the buyer we will build the original according to his wishes,” said Gulpen, who has built model of luxury cars for the past 12 years.

Interestingly, this will be the only such model car to be built that will make 3 entries into the Guinness World Records, including world’s most expensive model car, world’s most luxurious logo and world’s most secure showcase.

Built over 18 months, involving 10 specialist engineers from seven companies, the art work contains $1.5 million worth of gold and $1.5 million worth of diamonds besides other raw material like carbon, silver and platinum.

Gulpen is currently on a world tour to find a buyer for his exclusive product and if doesn’t find one, the model car will be auctioned off in the UAE.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.